Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Movement - August 2,2008

It was my first time to cook whole wheat pasta. I have always favored the regular durum wheat with semolina flour, but circumstances dictated the shift to a healthy, fibrous whole wheat pasta.

You see, 3 days ago, i got the results of my blood chemistry. My heart doctor said, my blood pressure is 170/100 on an npo state....that is no medicine, food or water before the blood extraction.
A day after, after taking my regulating blood pressure maintenance pill, my bp was still 170/100. My triglicerides was extremely high, my hdl was really low but my bad cholesterol (ldl) level was too high. So, I've been indulging too much of the good life, eating forbidden food, etc.

Back to whole wheat pasta. It's a little pricey but you will certainly save on the cost of good blood pressure maintenance pills. And by the way, i discovered the next day, when i recooked the pasta, that an extra minute over the required cooking time wont hurt. It's softer than the usual "al dente" but certainly more chewable for my taste than the italians who invented it.

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